Materials required:

  • Ribbon (the wider the ribbon. The bigger the rose)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread (the same colour as your ribbon)
  • Glue

How long should my ribbon be?

  • For a bud you will need approximately 40cm length.
  • For a full rose you will need approximately 1 metre length.

Step 1: Fold the ribbon

Take the end section of ribbon and fold over to form a ‘triangle”, leave 3cm length to form the “stem” and stitch it in place. (Once you have had some practice, there is no need to stitch)

Step 2: Roll the ribbon

Starting from the outside or from right to left if you are right handed. Roll the ribbon in, from a to b. Do it as tightly as possible as this will form your inner “bud”. When you have reached position “b”. Hold it together with a stitch.


Step 3: Form a triangle

Holding the bud with your right hand, fold the ribbon backward/behind/away from you, to form the “triangle”.

Tip – particularly at the beginning, put a little stitch, to hold this in place.


Step 4: Start to create the petals

Holding the bud in your right hand, and keeping it in position. Move  the top section c of the rose, to b. This forms the next layer of the rose.

Stitch in place.

Step 5: create all the petals

  • Holding the bud with your right hand, fold the ribbon behind/backwards/away from you as in step 3. Stitch in place.
  • Repeat 3 & 4 until you have the size of the rose you would like. Each layer you create you will see your rose forming shape.

Step 6: Create the stem

Once you have completed the layers. Take the loose ribbon and stitch it to the “stem”.

Wrap the loose ribbon around the “stem” and stitch together with 2 or 3 stitches. The stem length will vary depending on what you will be using the rose or roses for? If you are using them in a bouquet, keep it long. If you are using for favors, cut it to approximately to 1 1/2cm length. Either burn the edges or glue, so it does not fray.

Tip – if you need a much shorter stem, have your glue ready as soon as you cut the excess stem, so that your rose does not come loose or undone.

Your ribbon rose is complete!

Please remember that the rose you create will not be perfect. Each day the way you turn the ribbon and tension will vary, therefore each rose will be different. My motto is “as in nature nothing is perfect, but perfectly beautiful”.

I hope that you have enjoyed creating your own ribbon rose! How did you get on? We would love to see your pictures